Working in a retail pharmacy for 20+ years, I have seen many patients that doctors just keep giving more medication.  Often, I wonder how much of those could be reversed if the patient’s total health was put into perspective.  Helping my fellow human beings by being an encouraging coach for their health and happiness is what provides joy to my heart.

My appreciation for life has increased because of curve balls that have been thrown at me, such as a car accident that has left me with fibromyalgia pain and a shoulder bone spur. I try to enjoy life despite the daily challenges of pain that I now have to endure.  Through exercise, food, reflexology, herbs and supplements, among other things, I am on the trail of recovery.  My eventual hope is to be off all prescription medications through lifestyle changes.  I will not quit, because I want to continue to enjoy scuba diving, gardening, fresh air, family time, and all the things that make up a healthy life.


Please consider the following:


Do you promise yourself that you are going to get healthy this year, and then get discouraged when you do not know where to start?


Do you feel like you are doing a lot for your health, but also find that some puzzle pieces are missing to get the full benefits of your efforts?


Do you feel people do not understand the pain you have to endure?


Have you asked your doctor for advice on what you can change in your food and life to live more healthy, and been told there is nothing that can be done?


When you go to your doctor, are you a set of numbers or does he look at you as a whole?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may be able to work together to help you achieve your goals to be your healthiest!


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