The day that changed my life

My name is Lenora.  Twelve years ago I was a 28 year old with a full-time pharmacy job with a good grocery store company.  Heading to work on April 23, 2002 I was on the highway a few minutes from home, when my life changed.  I looked in my rearview mirror, seeing a car speeding from my lane to the left lane.  Then in my driver side mirror, I saw that same vehicle’s front end coming at my driver door.  My subconscious took over at that time and told me to hit the brakes to stop my movement since I was going into spinning two and one-half times.  At this point I was at the side of the highway, but still had momentum which sent me into a ditch with the driver front wheel.  After the front axle broke, my car flipped onto the driver side, then onto the hood of the car and slid.  I was screaming until the car stopped because it had hit a tree stump.  

My next blog I will relate what happened once the car stopped moving.

Posted in April 2002

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